Making the Mundane Matter


I get all "fired up" when I think about living out my purpose!  Don't you?  But sooner or later, I get distracted by life - the mundane things in life, like washing dishes or doing laundry or even my job. Before I know it, what I'm doing and what I believe my purpose is seems to be on different planes.  And I hate that!

Well, wisdom really does come with age.  Whether we like it or not.  But I have learned some wisdom from two particular sources that the mundane things really do matter.  Since I've already mentioned age, I'll start there.  I have seen in the life of my family and the lives of others that taking care of the mundane things give a sense of peace and security.  For example, we've all heard the saying, "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."  Well, that's true because "momma" sets the tone for the family.  So cook, clean and go to work with a happy attitude because the family develops peace or chaos from us.  If we do every task with a willing heart and by our best standard, we make the mundane matter.

The other source that has taught me the mundane things matter, is the Bible. Scripture teaches us in Colossians 3:23  "Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men". 'Whatever' includes the mundane things.

I have learned that there are very few things I can control.  Can I get an AMEN?  Really, maybe only one thing - my attitude.  (And I do a poor job of that sometimes!) I can gripe and complain about all the things I have to do for one reason or another that prevents me from doing my purposeful living OR I can choose to make all the things I have to do for one reason or another part of my purposeful living.  You see, if I shirk my "mundane" responsibilities so I can be about more"important" things, then I am nagged mentally that I should have already done thus and so.  But if I take care of the "mundane" responsibilities as unto the Lord, I have a sense of satisfaction of having done what I should so when I am doing the more "important" (in my mind) things, I have peace.  And so do those around me.

So make the mundane things in your life matter...because they do!

Blessings ~ Wendy


How to Live on Purpose?


Have you ever thought about how to live out your purpose?  I am assuming that you know your purpose.  Looking at the image above, what is NOT relevant anymore?  Your past. Don't misunderstand me.  Your past has helped form who you are today, but it does not define who you are today or your future.  You get to choose your future and that is done by living on purpose today.

Take for example that you want to be  a medical doctor.  You do NOT go open an office and hang out a shingle with your name on it followed by MD.  No, you finish high school. Then you go to college (and do well, I might add).  Then, you apply for medical school until you are accepted and you complete medical school.  You do a residency  and sit for your licensing board.  Provided you pass all of that, you will become a medical doctor.  It takes years to accomplish. That is living on purpose.  Everything you choose to do in that example put you one step closer to reaching your calling as a medical doctor so you could live out your purpose as a physician.

Now, what if your purpose is more like mine.  To glorify Jesus Christ in all that I do and help others come to salvation in Him.  Regardless of your occupation, you do your very best because that's what Christ calls all Christians to do.  You live a holy and blameless life as best you can with the help of the Holy Spirit.  You confess and get right with God when you sin. And above all, you tell people about your Savior.

Am I perfect at this? NO!!  But I pray I am getting better.  I try to love others the way Christ loves them, but I'm imperfect and I often fall short.  I do, however, try to be more like my Lord everyday.  Therefore, I try to look at every task as an act of worship.  And I try to see every person as the beautiful creation God made. And I am reminded often that my battle in this world is not with the people around me, even when we disagree, but it is in the spiritual realm.  But that is a topic for another day.

Live life on purpose.  We only have one life to live and don't want to miss out on anything Christ has save me to do!

Blessings ~ Wendy

Family Tree

Life tree

When we think of our family tree, we think of who we came from and those connected to us. Our roots, if you will. Who will we become from this family tree of ours?

Have you ever met someone who blamed their lack of "doing something with their life" on their family tree?  Or maybe you've met someone who gave credit for what they've done or who they've become on their family tree?

I once heard a story of two men who were identical twins. They shared virtually everything growing up.  They were raised the same, had the same opportunities and the same adversities in their formative years.  Finally, they grew up and started making their own choices. One became an alcoholic and one became a medical doctor.  They were interviewed late in life by someone studying twins.  Each one was asked, "What made you become X?"  The alcoholic said, "My father was an alcoholic so I didn't really have a choice but to become an alcoholic."  The doctor said, "My father was an alcoholic so I chose to become a doctor in hopes of finding a cure for alcoholism so others would not have to live like I did growing up."

You see, the choice is yours.  How do you want to be remembered? If your life right now is not how you want to be remembered, change it.  You can! We often hear cliche's like, "The apple doesn't fall from the tree."  And that is often true, but it doesn't have to be.  Maybe you have a great tree and want to stay close to your roots.  Maybe you wish you were from a different tree and want nothing more than to be anything except like your tree.  Either way, you can.  The choice is yours.

We are all accountable for ourselves.  Each of us will one day stand before a holy God and we will be without excuse.  Our actions and our inactions will be called into account. In other words, we will give an account for everything we did and/or should have done.  Our family is not responsible, we are.  Society is not responsible, we are.

So choose.  "...choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve...But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15.

Family trees.  We all have one.  Do you want to continue that legacy, build upon it or start your own.  Choose.  You can!  And as for the legacy, well, we all leave one.


Why Legacy316 was Born

LegacyI started Legacy316 for two reasons, really. First, we all leave one.  Good, bad or indifferent. Whether you think you are leaving a legacy or not, you are. I honestly don't recall if it were a sermon I heard or maybe the Spirit pressing upon me during my quiet time, but I became keenly aware that every life counts, even mine.  Even yours. Every!  And every life leaves a legacy.

The 316 came from the most important revelation to mankind.  John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life."  That, my friend, is the Legacy of God.  And I want my legacy to be a reflection of Him.

I believe we are called to live a life of purpose.  The specific purpose may change from one season to the next, but nevertheless, we are divinely placed here for a unique purpose.  That overarching purpose will become our legacy. The good news and the bad news is that we get to choose what legacy we will leave.

My newsletters and website are titled Legacy316 - Life on Purpose.  This is to remind me that everything I do is building the legacy I will one day leave and it reminds me of the kind of legacy I want to leave.  Herein, Life on Purpose.  I am choosing to live on purpose. Being kind, sincere and loving to those I come in contact.  I want people to see Jesus rather than me.  Kind of like a mirror - being a reflection of Him.

Now, am I always great at that?  Unfortunately, not.  But I try and I keep that out in front of me so I am reminded to continually strive for it.  More than anything, I want to be remembered as a woman who loved Jesus, loved her family and all those with whom she came in contact.

Second, I want to help others live a life on purpose.  I want to help people choose a godly legacy to pursue and offer as much encouragement in that endeavor as I possibly can. Hence, the blog, newsletters and website.

I pray my rambles do motivate and encourage all who read them.

Blessings to you!