Vision and Goal Setting

This month I'm talking about "vision".  I told you about the 2015 success I had with my vision board and that I'm certainly creating a 2016 vision board.  To me, it's not the "law of attraction" as much as it is putting your goals out in front of you. Although, I did have a few surprises!  What's the difference between a vision and a goal?  It's the specificity of that vision. In other words, a vision can be broad and almost abstract, but a goal is specific, measurable and has a deadline. For example, on my vision board last year I had the word "Blog". I did start  a blog last year, but I only wrote on it a few, very sporadic, times.  So this year,  I put "Blog weekly" on my vision board.  That makes it a goal- specific, measurable and has a deadline.  So what happens if I miss a week?  Is my goal totally shot?  Not at all.  If I actually post 40 times, it's so much more than I've done before and it gets me closer to my goal than if I'd quit because I missed a week.

One thing I have had to learn about goal setting is not to quit if you miss the mark.  My nature is to do it the way I set out or not at all.  I think that's the fear of failure.  But I'm learning that the only way to really fail is to not try.  So this year, I am trying a few new things.  Some I am not bold enough to say here and now.  Who knows, I may be disclosing them next year due to another successful vision board.

Here's how I set up my vision board.  First, I thought about what my vision/goals are for 2016.  I have 3 main areas for this year:  1. Self  2. House  3. Finances.  All three of these represent the broad categories. That being said, I cut out magazine photos and/or word clippings that would illustrate my vision and put them on the board. My board is pretty busy, so I stepped back and wrote out some specific things that would fit into one or more of these categories;thus, creating goals.

"Self" includes spiritual, health and work (job and personal work).  "House" includes my family and my house and, of course, "Finances" is debt, savings and budget.  See how this gets busy, yet by clarifying them into 3 main categories helps give me focus.  And do I need focus!

As a speaker I once heard said, "A cluttered space indicates a cluttered mind.  If you want freedom of mind, you must declutter your space."  Hence, my "house" heading is all about cleaning out and getting down to minimal things so every thing has a use and a place.  That's a tall order for me, but 2016 is the year!

With this clarity, before I start a project or say "yes" to something, I ask myself if this will promote one of my visions.  If not, I can't do it.  If it does, I plan a time to get it done even if I have to break it into smaller projects or time frames.

I hope this helps as you march in to 2016.  Talk to you soon!

Blessings,                                                                                                                                                            Wendy