Making the Switch from Paper to Digital

Photo by Rawpixel

Photo by Rawpixel

But all things should be done decently and in order.

1 Corinthians 14:40


I don’t know about you, but I have had a long affair with planners, calendars and lists.  Several years ago, someone came into my office and counted 4 calendars. 

·         desk calendar

·         wall calendar

·         planner/agenda

·         computer calendar

She then asked, in a laughing manner, if I ever missed an appointment. 


I inwardly cringed because I had missed some.  You see, I had a personal calendar and a work calendar.  So if I were not in the office, I didn’t see appointments listed for work and if I were at work, I might miss the teacher meeting at school because it was in my personal calendar.


Needless to say, I got rid of all calendars but one and EVERYTHING went in it!  And that worked!  Some jobs required me to have daily type planners while others worked with a weekly type planner. But everything, and I mean everything, went into the same calendar.


In either case, I was always, ALWAYS a paper planner gal!  I love writing things down and CHECKING THINGS OFF!!  I just love it.  Maybe you can relate?


Many times over the years I have tried to switch to a digital calendar and FAILED! Until this year!  I have found what works for me. 


I now work from home (for a company) and have a lot of other irons in the fire. And I have finally made the switch from a paper planning system to a digital one!


I use Google calendar.  I can access it from all of my devices.  And I have multiple “calendars” set up so I can easily display EVERYTHING or just certain items.

·         1- Appointments – this “calendar” shows all the calls I need to be on and appointments that I need to keep

·         2- To Do list – this “calendar” tracks things that I need to get done on a certain day

·         3- Informational – this “calendar” shows birthdays, holidays and general things I need to be aware of

·         4- History- this “calendar” allows me to change past appointments or events with attachments or notes that I want to keep just in case

To view all of these at once, I leave each “calendar” checked.  If I don’t need to see one, like history, I just uncheck it and it comes off my displayed calendar.


The beauty of this is that I have my appointments with me at all times since I carry my phone everywhere.  I can add appointments, things to do or information regardless of where I am and I can know if I have a conflict immediately.


For those of you who have been using digital systems – kudos!  If you are still using a paper system and want to switch to digital, here’s some advice:

1.       Use a calendar that is accessible across all your devices

2.       Learn to maximize its use

3.       Find an app that you can use for notes/diary type information, if needed.


The applications that I use for these are:

1.       Google calendar   - as my planning system

2.       OneNote – to write notes and so much more

Working From Home


Is this your idea of working from home?  If it is, you may not make it working from home.

I started working from home last November.  I was so scared this would be me and that I would have lost the great job I had prior to the work from home one as well as the new one.  My biggest fear was that I'd sleep in and/or become distracted by all the household things that need to be done. So I thought I'd share with you what works for me.

First, let me set the stage for you. I don't have children at home.  I don't have indoor pets. My husband is an out outdoors man, so when he's not at work (every 3rd day), he is rarely in the house to distract me.

My routine - routine - routine - is as follows for the work week.

6 am - up and dressed then out the door to walk

6:45 am - settling into my comfy chair for my quiet time

7:20 am - breakfast

7:30 am - clean up and dress for work (now it's jeans!)

8 am - online at my desk upstairs in my home office

I try to accomplish 2/3 of my day's work before I stop for lunch and then the last 1/3 after lunch.  And, yes, I do take breaks during the day for a refill of Diet Dr. Pepper and  running to the bathroom.  Sometimes I throw on a load of clothes or fold a load of clothes.  I even manage to cook lunch or supper or both, too.

Can I just say, I LOVE WORKING FROM HOME!  For someone who has wanted to work from home for the past several years but was afraid to try it,  I'm so glad I did it!

Working from home is not for everyone, but if it is something you're considering, go for it!

Home Office Re-do


Today I thought I'd open up a little.  After my children moved out (roughly all at the same time), and after I had terrible withdrawals from the "empty nest" syndrome, I decided to make some changes around the house.

That took some time.  First, kids came at a time and moved out again.  This was cyclic for a few years.  I don't know about you, but when my children were little I told them frequently that they were to grow up, be competent and productive adults and move. Then, they did and I crumbled! I'm happy to report they are on their own and doing well and the empty nest is good!

Well, I digress. January of 2015 I made the first effort to turn one bedroom into and office/craft room. My husband built that desk you see. In case you can't tell, it's huge and has a book shelf in the front.  I love it!! He made it for my birthday. :)

This room quickly turned solely into a craft room for sewing.  I couldn't seem to get the home computer up stairs and move the router and blah, blah, blah. I work full-time and didn't have the energy in the evenings to create my space. But...

In October of 2015, I transferred to a new position at work.  It was a "remote" position.  So in November, I started working from home.  Best job ever! Anyway, I've been at this a while now.  No, at first my home office was not such a mess. I finally moved the home computer and router.  I crammed it all on my desk.  Before long, I found myself working on a small corner.

My work laptop is on a docking station with 2 monitors.  (How did we ever get along with only 1????) Then there was my home PC monitor, mouse and keyboard and my printer next to the desk (tower was under the desk).  My philosophy has always been "out of sight out of mind" so I keep EVERYTHING in sight - can't you tell?   I may have to seek help for this condition...

A couple of weeks ago, my boss sent an email that she wanted 3 goals for this year.  Since it was short notice she was going to give some leeway.  I had a scheduled call with her 10 minutes after that email, so I scrambled to get 3 decent goals together.  Home office organization was one.  She thought that was a fabulous idea and wanted a photo before the end of the month.

I really am working on getting more organized.  Really! And since the home office clean up became associated with work, it immediately was put on the "GET IT DONE" list.  And done it is!  Feels great!

17 Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father. Colossians 3:17  (NASB)