Life in the Home Office

Photo by Andrew Neel

Photo by Andrew Neel

When I left my office job to work from home, my regional manager "worried" that I would not like working from home for the lack of socializing.  I know, that's funny if you know me, right!

This November will be three years of working from home. And... I love it! Not only do I work (as in a job) from home, but I've picked up sewing and writing.  You know about the writing as I blog every week and you probably know about the sewing as I have highlighted some sewing on the blog. 

Now, I'm writing books.  A year or so ago I wrote a non-fiction book so I would have a manuscript to take to a writing conference.  The conference never happened so I wound up tabling the book.  Then last year, I accepted a challenge to write a novel.  I wrote a book in two months.  It was so much fun!

So when it was time to set goals for the new year, one was to publish a couple of books.  I don't know if I'll get two books published this year or not, but one will be coming out soon this summer or early fall.

The story is about a nurse who is struggling with her idea of God.  Of course, she has a little mystery thriller in the mix, but the real matter is how our Savior pursues her.  I hope to have a couple more books in that series next year.

Let all that you do be done in love.
— 1 Corinthians 16:14 ESV

Eating to Live - Plant-based Diet


Those close to me know that the end of the year in 2017 I had two allergic reactions.  One sent me to the emergency room and left me with Epipens.  The other should have, but I took a lot of Benadryl and waited it out.  Then, I went to an allergist that same day.

I have to admit, it was a scary ordeal.  The worst part was NOT knowing the cause of the reactions.  Being in the healthcare field, I knew that there was a good chance I would never know the cause. That's horrible because most reactions get increasingly worse with each episode when it's caused by the same allergen.

Well, after a couple of weeks my allergist called me back.  He had gotten the results from the Mayo Clinic Lab.  It was positive/confirmed that I am allergic to a protein (alpha-gal) in red meat. I went through a gamut of emotions with the first being so thankful that was all. 

Then I thought about our diet; it was based mostly on red meat.  So needless to say, I converted to only chicken and fish.  I tried some turkey, but I've never been a fan of turkey.

As I've slowly been trying to eat much differently, I have been reading and watching some videos on whole food plant based eating.  It is quite fascinating and makes sense. 

I believe scripture is clear that we can eat meat.  However, in our modern day of processed foods, preservatives, and rapid growth hormones, eating whole foods and plant-based is certainly "food" for thought.

Oh, and the red meat protein allergy (this late in life) most likely came from a tick bite. Go figure.  I love being outside, but most often this occurs to hunters according to my allergist.

We certainly need to be cognizant of insecticides with fruits and vegetables so wash well.  

I would love your thoughts on the whole food plant-based lifestyle! So drop a comment below.

Genesis 1:29 ESV
And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.

Genesis 9:3 ESV
Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.

Making the Switch from Paper to Digital

Photo by Rawpixel

Photo by Rawpixel

But all things should be done decently and in order.

1 Corinthians 14:40


I don’t know about you, but I have had a long affair with planners, calendars and lists.  Several years ago, someone came into my office and counted 4 calendars. 

·         desk calendar

·         wall calendar

·         planner/agenda

·         computer calendar

She then asked, in a laughing manner, if I ever missed an appointment. 


I inwardly cringed because I had missed some.  You see, I had a personal calendar and a work calendar.  So if I were not in the office, I didn’t see appointments listed for work and if I were at work, I might miss the teacher meeting at school because it was in my personal calendar.


Needless to say, I got rid of all calendars but one and EVERYTHING went in it!  And that worked!  Some jobs required me to have daily type planners while others worked with a weekly type planner. But everything, and I mean everything, went into the same calendar.


In either case, I was always, ALWAYS a paper planner gal!  I love writing things down and CHECKING THINGS OFF!!  I just love it.  Maybe you can relate?


Many times over the years I have tried to switch to a digital calendar and FAILED! Until this year!  I have found what works for me. 


I now work from home (for a company) and have a lot of other irons in the fire. And I have finally made the switch from a paper planning system to a digital one!


I use Google calendar.  I can access it from all of my devices.  And I have multiple “calendars” set up so I can easily display EVERYTHING or just certain items.

·         1- Appointments – this “calendar” shows all the calls I need to be on and appointments that I need to keep

·         2- To Do list – this “calendar” tracks things that I need to get done on a certain day

·         3- Informational – this “calendar” shows birthdays, holidays and general things I need to be aware of

·         4- History- this “calendar” allows me to change past appointments or events with attachments or notes that I want to keep just in case

To view all of these at once, I leave each “calendar” checked.  If I don’t need to see one, like history, I just uncheck it and it comes off my displayed calendar.


The beauty of this is that I have my appointments with me at all times since I carry my phone everywhere.  I can add appointments, things to do or information regardless of where I am and I can know if I have a conflict immediately.


For those of you who have been using digital systems – kudos!  If you are still using a paper system and want to switch to digital, here’s some advice:

1.       Use a calendar that is accessible across all your devices

2.       Learn to maximize its use

3.       Find an app that you can use for notes/diary type information, if needed.


The applications that I use for these are:

1.       Google calendar   - as my planning system

2.       OneNote – to write notes and so much more

Put Your Dreams and Goals Before You

Photo by Brooke Lark

Photo by Brooke Lark

Good Monday morning to you this first day of 2018!

Well, here we are at the beginning of a new year.  It always feels like the slate is clean and it’s time to plan dreams and goals for this year.  So what are your dreams and goals for 2018?  Are you starting something new? Do you have big plans?  I do.

Let me mention just a few of my dreams and goals for 2018.

1.      Advance my writing – specifically growing my blog audience

2.      Complete 2 books and publish them

3.      Minimalize my house for next year’s move

4.      Finish reading the Bible all the way through

Notice, I did not say “resolution”, I said dreams and goals.  A few years ago I started making vision boards.  The first year I did it I was blown away be all the things that actually happened.  NO, I don’t think the stars aligned to make my dreams come true that year.  What I noticed is that with the vision board front and center, I thought about my goals daily and I did something to work for them. 

Habakkuk 2:2 says,  And the Lord answered me:

“Write the vision;

make it plain on tablets,

so he may run who reads it.”

Setting my 2018 dreams and goals in front of me help me see the written vision made plain so I might run to it. That’s what a vision board does for me.  I like to use this rather than resolutions in a notebook. 

Everyone knows that most resolutions end before the month of January does.  So why waste your time making resolutions.  Why not set your dreams and goals before you in a way that you can plainly see them and then run toward your dreams and goals.

If you want to accomplish your goals, 

1. put them in front of you so you can see them every day

2. make them measurable

3. and make them realistic but with just a little stretch.

May your 2018 dreams and goals come true!  I know they can with some prayer and hard work.

Happy New Year!