Flowers Fade

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.
— -Isaiah 40:8

I love flowers!  If you've seen my yard you know that's true.  When my husband put his foot down on NO MORE PLANTS in the yard, I switched to pots on the deck.  (Even that gets out of hand sometimes. But don't tell him I said so!)

Every single year I am reminded that flowers fade.  Invariably, I lose some through the winter. Try as I might, a frost will get by me and my plants that I have protectively put on the porch and one or more of my plants become history.

Not to worry, I replace them the following spring.  And so the love of plants continue to bring me pleasure and my husband is thankful that they are in pots and not beds! 

Many people have the "here today and gone tomorrow" attitude about all sorts of things these days - not just plants.  Maybe it's material things or relationships or friends/family or truth or... well, you know what I mean.

Thankfully, the Bible is not that way.  God's Word will last forever.  There is no changing it.  He said it thousands of years ago and He still means it today.  He is Truth.  The only Truth that will stand forever.

You can believe Him that He loves you!  He sent His Son, Jesus, as proof.  Jesus paid the atoning sacrifice that God requires for sin because God knew we could never pay it.  Isn't that amazing!  And guess what.  His love for you NEVER changes!  That's right!  No matter what you've done or failed to do. God - Jesus, loves YOU!

Yep, flowers will fade, but the word of the Lord stands forever.  He said He loves you and He means it.  Forever.