Looking for Donkeys

photo by milivoj-kuhar

photo by milivoj-kuhar

I was reading in my quiet time the other day in 1 Samuel 9 about Saul being sent to find some donkeys for his father.  He had a servant with him.  After they had looked in many areas or regions Saul wanted to return home as his father may now be worried about them.  The servant suggested that they ask the prophet which way they should go so as to find the donkeys on the return home. Saul agreed to that.

But God (my favorite phrase) had already told Samuel to be expecting the man he was to anoint as the first King.  As Saul was coming toward Samuel, God spoke to Samuel and said: "There is the man."

The study I am reading pointed out that Saul was living life, being obedient when He found himself smack dab in the middle of God's divine plan. Are we any different?  We so often want to see the end - some big dramatic outcome - when God is directing us to be obedient now and just do the next thing.  "That" is often part of His divine plan, we just can't see it.

You know, the more I study scripture, the more I realize that many of the heroes of our faith did great things for our Lord in the midst of a difficult life. Some of those mentioned in Scripture did things that we wouldn't even call great, but they are pointed out and remembered in the Bible.  Like the servant girl of Naman.  She was a slave in his house and served them well.  She had respect and compassion for Naman and told his wife about God's prophet.  Well, you know the story - Naman was healed.  We don't even know the girl's name, but God does!

Sometimes I think I should see some grandiose ministry or outcome in my life for God, but we are taught in His word to be faithful in the little things.  And just as Naman's slave, we may make a huge difference in the world because of the impact we had on one individual.

Being part of God's divine plan comes from living in daily obedience to Him.  May we always remember that! Where are you in this journey of obedience to our Lord?  Are you serving Him daily doing the next "obedient" thing?  Or are you stalled out oblivious to His plan or 'wishing' for something more when in reality you may be about to walk smack dab into His divine calling?

That's food for thought, isn't it?  Saul had no clue what God was about to do with him and, yet, as he lived life being obedient one step at a time, God called him to become Israel's first king. Now, I don't suppose God is about to move me into a role such as that, but I am seeing Him at work in my life!  I hope you are, too. 

Blessings to you, my friends!

Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice.
— 1 Samuel 15:22