Count It All Joy

Photo by Felipe P Limarizo

Photo by Felipe P Limarizo

Our Church does a unique thing every July.  Instead of having Sunday night service (yes, we still have Sunday night services.), our Sunday School/Small Group classes get together each Sunday night and plan a mission project.  And every Wednesday night we have a visiting preacher.  It's like a mini-revival each week.  It's great, too!

I write my posts ahead of time so when I refer to our service tonight, it will be long past by the time you read this.  Having said that, tonight that I'm referring to is July 11, 2018.

Our guest preacher was Ike Byrd of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Monroe. He preached on James 1:2 and it was a great reminder to "Count it ALL JOY".  Jesus Christ paid our debt.  He suffered on our behalf.  So no matter what comes our way, as believers we should count it all joy.  This is how the lost world will see Christ in us!

He gave a 3-point message on joy:

1.  Joy insulates our mind, protecting us from what's trying to get in and it saves energy because we don't have to worry about things.  He reminded us that God never sleeps so we don't have to stay up all night worrying!

2. Joy intimidates the adversary. Choose joy by keeping a "faith" file and remembering what God has already done for you. You won't be so shaken when the adversary comes calling.

3. Joy imitates the Master.  Joy comes from Christ.  The world didn't give it, so the world can't take it away!  Let's be like our Master.

Oh, and did I mention he brought his choir?  Awesome!

Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds
— James 1:2