Growing in Grace


Photo by Francesco Mazzoli

As believers, we are often asked to share our testimony.  And many times when we do that we think back to our conversion.  That is a very important place to start, but out testimony covers so much more than that, at least it should.

In thinking about sharing my testimony on the blog, I paused to think of the new things Christ is doing in my life.  I know you can probably recount several things that God is doing in my life such as:

  • preparing us to move to a new geographic location
  • writing a book (hopefully, with more to follow)
  • changing ministries from inside the church walls to outside

But one thing I may not have shared at this point is how Jesus is growing me in grace.  I am a Southern Baptist by denomination and there are many great things about our denomination like establishing the cooperative program and the International Mission Board and home missions and the list goes on.

Unfortunately, there is something that I have been guilty of as a believer most of my life.  (Maybe that stems from being a Southern Baptist or maybe it was just me and those close to me.) That something is being judgemental.  This has been one sin that I was guilty of for a long time and felt totally right in so doing.  Over the years, I've come to understand that I want God's GRACE and MERCY, but I wasn't good at extending it.

Talk about an eye-opening revelation!  God is LOVE and He proved it by sending Jesus to the cross to pay our debt when we didn't ask for it to be paid.  He stands at the ready to forgive us the very second we repent and receive Jesus as our Lord.  NO. QUESTIONS. ASKED.

Just BAM - Forgiveness - BAM - GRACE.  There is no way to describe the peace that follows.  You have to experience it for yourself.  Oh, I hope you do!

So God is changing me every day.  He is growing me in His grace.  Reminding me all the time that I didn't earn His grace and/or forgiveness; therefore, I must freely give His grace and/or my forgiveness to others. (I can't presume to offer His forgiveness. BUT He will!)

If you have ever, I mean ever, felt judged by me, please forgive me!  I totally want the love and grace of Jesus Christ to flow through me onto all those around me.  

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,
— Ehesians 2:8

I am so thankful for the grace of God.  And I want you to know that same grace.  It is the most precious gift!