Greatest Gift Ever

greatest gift.JPG

What’s been your greatest gift ever? Maybe it wasn’t even at Christmas time.

Mine was in October 1979.  I was twelve. I’ll never forget it!

It still seems like yesterday and, yet, I am still receiving it daily. It lifted the weight of the world from my, then, young shoulders and still does now from my not so young shoulders.  It was the gift of peace and joy unspeakable and continues to bring me peace and unspeakable joy. 

It was free to me and every day I’m amazed that I am the recipient of such a wonderful gift. While it was free to me, it is the most costly gift one could ever receive.  I would say it’s priceless.  Beyond anything I could ever pay; really beyond all humanity could ever pay.

It’s the gift of salvation!  I am truly ‘undone’ when I think of the magnificent grace that was poured out on me by the salvation of my Lord Jesus Christ.

I don’t know what’s been your greatest gift ever. Maybe you, too, have received the greatest gift ever like I have.  If so, take some time this Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Lord to thank Him and praise Him for all He has done for you.

If you have not received God’s salvation through Jesus Christ, I can promise you have not received the greatest gift ever. And it's free for the asking!

If you’d like to be saved, then agree with God that you are a sinner and are in need of His forgiveness.  Believe that God raised Jesus (our perfect sacrifice) from the dead and confess Jesus Christ as Lord.  The Bible says you will be saved!

Get a Holy Bible (ESV version is easy to understand) and start reading in the New Testament.  I recommend the book of John as a good place to start.  Join a local Church that teaches salvation through Jesus Christ alone.  And grow your faith in Jesus Christ.

Salvation in Jesus Christ is the GREATEST GIFT EVER!

Merry Christmas!