12 Days of Christmas


I thought I’d share a little something our family has done for years now as part of our Christmas celebration.  We do a 12 days of Christmas gift giving.  (It’s not the official 12 days of Christmas.)

We start on December 13th every year.  I pick up little $1 or $2 gifts for my husband and each unmarried child.  I wrap them individually as you can see in the first picture then I put each person’s gifts in their own bag or box.  This year, I sent my children a decorative box that they put under their trees filled with their 12 days of Christmas gifts.

Now that we are empty nesters, my husband and I open ours together each morning when we have breakfast.  When the kids were at home, we would all open our gifts together at breakfast.  Now that we are spread out, my husband and I have a little special time together with our gifts and I usually get a text from the kids with a note about what they got each day.

This makes Christmas “feel” like it lasts most of the month.  By starting on the 13th, we finish on the 24th which is our big day.  On Christmas Eve night, our family comes together and we “open our tree”.  That’s when we read the Christmas story, have a family meal and open the presents under the Christmas tree. 

We started this tradition years ago when our children were little.  Both of my parents had passed away and the holidays were very hard for me. Because my parents were such a big part of our family during Christmas the new tradition of the 12 days allowed me to focus on my precious family at home.  It has become something that has stayed with all of us.

Oh, and my sweet husband shops for me so I am surprised by all my 12 days of Christmas gifts!

Merry Christmas!