Handmade Gifts for Christmas

cloth napkins.JPG

So I have these ideas to sew for Christmas this year.  The above photo is one such idea.

My husband and I just love using cloth napkins with our meals at home. Sometimes guests think we’re being a little too “fancy” when I bring out the cloth napkins.  But here’s our rationale:

                Me:  I think cloth napkins add just a touch of elegance.  And I just like them! 

                My husband: He says they just clean better than paper towels.

Regardless our reasons, we both enjoy using cloth napkins at home.  So, I thought I would start sewing some for gifts.  The green ones were my first set and I love them so much (and my dining room is green) I think I may keep them for myself!

This sounds like Christmas shopping doesn’t it?  It always amazes me that when I’m on a mission to shop for others, I find all kinds of things I need, ugh want.

Well, I digress!  I bought about 4 sets of fat quarters recently with the idea of making cloth napkins for gifts this year.  (I can’t mention for whom just in case they read my blog!) This made sewing these up a snap AND it offers 5 in the set rather than the typical 4.  I had considered giving the sets as only 4 and then having a set with one of all 4 colors.  But, again, I like them so well that I just may keep this set of 5 for myself.

Here’s how I made them:

1.       First, wash the fabric before sewing.

2.       Iron each fat quarter out smooth.

3.       Turn down one of the shorter ends about 1 inch and finger press.

4.       Then iron the 1-inch fold to form a definite press.

5.       Fold the raw edge into the pressed line and iron on the fold.  This creates a smooth seam with the raw edges safely tucked inside that seam.

6.       Pin along the seam.

7.       Repeat on the opposite side. (The other shorter end.)

8.       Then do the same on both of the longer sides.

9.       Go to the machine and straight stitch all four sides removing your pins as you go.

10.   Don’t forget to backstitch in the corners.

Now you, too, can enjoy some cloth napkins at your table and/or have some handmade gifts ready for that next special occasion!

Happy sewing!