Days of the Week...


This little artwork is sooooo true, don't you think?  I often wonder how people make it without Jesus.

It's no surprise when you look around and see people sad, hollow and hurting.  So many people we know are trying to live life that Jesus created all by themselves and it was never meant to be that way!

In order to have "life" we must have a relationship with the Creator of life.  Jesus provides a Comforter that lives in us to remind us constantly that He (Jesus) will never leave us nor forsake us.  Whew! I need that d a i l y!

Next, Jesus calls us to live life in community - with other believers.  That's one of the great things about church!  Yes, I know, we believers are the "church" but the other believers that make up our local church become our family; our community.  What a source of encouragement for each of us, right?

As Christians, every day should really be SONday.  After all, Jesus, God in the flesh, created each day to be lived for Him and we can do that "through" Him.  Yes, even believers have times of sadness and hurt, but never hollow because Jesus never leaves us alone.  He is ALWAYS with (in) us!

Don't have another "weak" without Jesus - be strong in the Lord!  This week and every week!