Taste and See


At Church we often say, "Good is good -- all the time."  And He is.  That is easy to say when life is going good for us.  But what about when life seems more than we can bear?

Well, God is good --- all the time.  Even in the hard times.  Even in times that we don't understand what's happening or why something is happening.  God is still good!

Thankfully, the Bible teaches us that God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  As a believer in Jesus Christ, that is so comforting!  We are told to taste and see that the Lord is good because He is.  This is followed up by the words "happy is the man who trusts in Him! because we are.

This does not mean that life is never hard.  The Bible teaches us that life is hard no matter what and will be harder for the believer.  BUT GOD (my favorite words in scripture) did not leave us alone to face this world.  He gave us the Holy Spirit to live in us, not only as a reminder that He is coming back to get us, but to give us power and strength so that we, too, can overcome this hard life.

Whew!  Aren't you glad?!  I sure am!  This week, as you face your specific struggles, take a few minutes each day and "taste and see that the Lord is good", because He is!

Blessings, Wendy