Life on a Farm with Purpose

Kojack Meet Kojack.  Yep, this dates you if you remember a TV show about Kojack.  The white face is known as a "bald" face; hence, the name.

Kojack is a little bull (now steer) born to our family of cattle.  For folks that have not grown up on a farm, you would never want to name your little ones.  And if you have a large herd, you just resort to numbers rather than names.

Kojack's purpose is to be sold at auction to cover the cost of raising all the cattle.  We only have a few so one should do it. We have another calf named T-bone.  I'm sure you can guess his life's purpose.  Already, my adult children ask, "Is this...?" when we eat steak.  Our answer..."Not yet."

The point I want to make is that of purpose. Jesus was born with a purpose.  He, too, was born to cover the cost of a sinful world - all mankind.  He gave the ultimate sacrifice - separation from His Holy Father.  Oh, we think dying was the ultimate and it would be for a mere mortal, but Jesus IS God.  And until that fateful day on the cross, He had never known anything but perfect union with His Father.  No, I can't explain it.  But for God, who knew no sin to become sin on our behalf to pay our debt is mind-boggling. Yet, that was the purpose of our manger baby Jesus that angels and shepherds worshiped.

Jesus had a purpose.  I have a purpose. And you have a purpose.

As believers, we may not be called on to die a martyr's death, but we are all called for the purpose of dying to our self, taking up our cross and following Jesus in life. We are called with a purpose to live obediently.

Are you fulfilling your purpose?  Are you seeking to live life on purpose? If not, it's not too late.  Give your life to Jesus Christ.  As you surrender to Him, He brings purpose to you!