Not As It Seems


My husband and a friend went fishing one morning and had a great catch.  So just before lunch they came home to eat and clean their catch before going back.  Piper, our yellow striped cat, ate A LOT of the discarded fish.  Did I mention, Piper ate a lot?  His little belly was dragging, he ate so much.

As the afternoon wore on, we (the wives) sat out on our deck.  My friend said Piper had been in her lap several times, but after he ROLLED off her lap the third time, he gave it up and plopped down on the deck.  He definitely was on a food "high" as he could not stay awake.

At one point, Piper just fell out over the brick to the fire pit with one leg over his face.   I thought that was so funny that I sent the photo to my husband with the caption, "Too much fish."

Sometimes life is like this.  Someone is going through "the highs of too much fish" and seem very different than they normally are to us.  We jump to all kinds of conclusions, like: "Did I do something?  What's wrong with them? Well, just be that way!"  We worry or stew of something that we assume is wrong.

The person who is the object of our hurt or anger has no idea that we are even bothered.  They are suffering alone from "the highs of too much fish."  "Too much fish" could be any number of struggles, family problems, a decision they are trying to make, etc.

Well, later that evening, my friend gets a text from her husband.  "Oh no!  Did the cat die?"  We thought he was joking so she replied, "Yes, but we pumped his stomach."  He sends back, "Seriously, the cat died?"  At that point, I searched my text with the photo to see if I said that the cat died, but no, just "too much fish". She assured her husband that Piper was just fine.  He just needed to sleep off his heavy meal.

While, we had a big laugh over the mistaken conclusion from the text and picture, it reminded me that things are not always as they seem.  Many times we dream up all kinds of 'wrong' conclusions.  The men worried that they had killed the cat because the photo and text led them to a conclusion far from the truth.

The next time you find yourself jumping to a conclusion...remember, it just might not be as it seems.  Choose to love that person rather than letting yourself be hurt or angry or fearful.  Many times a situation is not as it seems.

Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

Blessings, Wendy