Gifts - Don't You Love Them!


I think we all like to receive gifts.  Some of us enjoy giving gifts even more than receiving them! The greatest gift ever is SALVATION!  And God does it all for us.  Isn't that amazing?

He provided the grace so that He would give the atoning sacrifice - Jesus-and He gives us the faith to believe and then we benefit eternally with salvation found only in Him. It is truly amazing!

I've been thinking about this wonderful gift lately. You know, when I give a gift to someone, I want them to love it and use it.  I hate to think they just through it in a pile of other useless gifts.  So I put a lot of thought and effort in picking out just the right gift for them.

This made me think about what I am doing with my gift of salvation... Of course, I love it! But what am I doing with it?  This gift is meant to be shared with everyone, not to be thrown in pile of useless gifts.

Yesterday, in Church we were reminded that we are all called to share the gospel. One person at a time.  How awesome is it to know that God chose to use us to share the gospel!  We may not change the world for everyone, but we can be a life-changer for one person at a time.

This week, join me in putting that great gift of salvation to good use and share what Jesus has done for you with someone.  Just maybe, you'll see Him do that for them!

Blessings, Wendy