What Are You Consumed By?


Jesus said where your treasure is there your heart will be.  So recently, I've been thinking about what it is I treasure most - with what am I consumed.

It was shocking.  There have been times in my life where I've been consumed with things. Then I became consumed with people.  All the while, mind you, I thought I was consumed with God and His calling.  Even now as I strive to live obediently to my Heavenly Father, I find that I often fall- becoming consumed with something pressing, but not something that's eternal.

I am learning that it's a daily process to become and stay consumed with the God of my faith, Jesus Christ, the CREATOR of everything.  This election year has reminded me that the 'throne' in which our world is ruled is not in Washington, DC. It's in heaven.  Yes, I've known that, but I haven't always lived like I've known that.

From now on, I want to be consumed with the Creator of all things, rather than with things created.