All In Disciples


I'm reading the book of Luke for my quiet time.  In chapter 5, Jesus began calling His disciples.  Do you remember when He called you?  I remember the call distinctly.

Well, I have been struck by something all of the first disciples (also known as apostles) had in common.  That is they "left everything and followed Him". You heard right, they left everything and followed Him. As I read and study, the more I am convicted.  I know the verses about "anyone putting your hand to the plow and looking back is not fit for the kingdom" and I know verses about "denying yourself and taking up your cross daily" and I am convicted.

I had no idea how much I have hung onto the things of this world.  Good things.  Things like people, comfort and security.  Has our "soft" life in America given us a false idea of the Christian walk?  Perhaps it has. Lord, forgive us.  Don't mistake what I'm saying.  I don't think we are make things hard on ourselves in order to be godly and Christ-like. What I am saying is that I believe we are to be surrendered to His will being obedient in all things.  No, I'm not talking to you... I'm talking to myself.

I think it is obvious that the early disciples were "all in" following Christ.  We even see it today with a few Christians.  I believe we are called to be all in or not it at all.  See Revelation about lukewarm believers.

"Do not fear, from now on you will be catching men." Luke 5:10b

Let's get all in.  That's what He call us to do!