Power and Purpose of Prayer


I'm looking at the topic of prayer in the book of Luke.  Just the first 2 chapters show us a lot.

Zacharias and Elizabeth had prayed for years for a child.  In their old age, Gabriel, God's angel, shows up to Zacharias as he is serving in the temple and tells him that he and Elizabeth will have a son and to name him John.

Even though this is an answer to a prayer they have prayed for over  years, Zacharias asked how he can know for certain since he and Elizabeth are old.  Because of Zacharias unbelief he was made silent until all the angel said had been fulfilled. The prayer itself was still answered in the way they had requested.

Zacharias had prayed for a child for many years.  God answered even in his unbelief.

I'm studying prayer.  Zacharias and Elizabeth are perfect examples of God delivering answers to our prayers even when we think time has run out.  They are also examples of the seriousness of God in those answers.

In the book The Battle Plan for Prayer by Stephen and Alex Kendrick, they say by definition "Prayer is communion with God in order to... 1. Intimately know, love and worship Him.  2. Understand and conform our lives to His will and ways. 3. Access and advance His kingdom, power and glory."

Think of the glory God got from Zacharias and Elizabeth's child.  First, it was a miracle for them to have a child in their old age.  Then John was the forerunner to Christ, pointing the way to Jesus and His earthly ministry.  And lastly, dying a martyr for the cause of Christ having led many to the Lord.

This made me stop and think...how often do I seek His will in a given situation?  How often do I just trust Him in a given situation?  Most often, I'm asking for Him to do my bidding in a given situation.

Like the picture at the beginning of this post, we know Prayer can move mountains.  The real question is does God want that mountain moved or does He plan to help us climb it for His glory to be seen?

Food for thought...