Be Present When You're Present


When I first had children, my mother gave me great advice.  Of course, it came to mean even more to me over the years.  That advice was to "be present."  She said, we should always be with the one we're with. Well, duh!

Have you ever been so preoccupied with something that you missed what someone said to you?  I have.  Have you ever been so worried about something that might NOT happen that you missed what was happening right where you were?  I have.

Do you ever see people at dinner in a restaurant across from the table from one another not speaking, but both texting on their phones?  Maybe they are talking...just most likely, not to each other.

The point she was making was that every moment counts and we can't go back so make the most of it.  I know there were many times I had to consciously STOP what I was doing and make "eye contact" with my children to 'be present'.  Because there were other times that I would be halfheartedly listening and after a few minutes, I would realized they had stopped talking and were gone. Talk about a stake in the heart! And I had done it to us both.

I'm convinced that there is nothing more valuable than our time.  Especially, when we are with someone. We ought to show people that we value them since we are spending our time to be in their presence, so be present.

If you've ever read the book, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, you know that quality time is one of the five love languages of people.  That means this person feels most loved when someone spends one-on-one time with them with undivided attention. Let me tell you this is powerful!

So "be PRESENT when you're PRESENT" because it has a huge impact on the one you're with.  Love is spoken out loud when you choose to be in the moment with someone.

John 13:35 says, "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." Show your love - be present when you're present!
Blessings to you ~ Wendy