A Hundred Years From Now...


My dad used to tell me, "If it doesn't matter in a hundred years then it doesn't matter." I hated it when he would say that!  I would get so frustrated that I would reply, "Then nothing matters."  He would raise his eyebrows and shrug his shoulders and walk on.

One day, it dawned on me what he meant all those times when he would say that.  You see, most often that saying would come when I had gotten all worked up over something. Well, he was right (imagine that).  If something will not matter in a hundred years, it really doesn't matter now.

I'm sure you've heard this poem.

One hundred years from now It won't matter What kind of car I drove What kind of house I lived in How much money I had in the bank Nor what my cloths looked like BUT The world may be a little better Because, I was important In the life of a child.

Well, he meant that and more.  What do we have that is eternal? This is huge.  You see, what he was saying is that if something doesn't have an eternal significance, then it really doesn't matter. The first thing with eternal significance is our salvation.  The decision to follow Christ is THE MOST IMPORTANT decision a you and I will ever make! After that, it's our relationships that can have an eternal significance.

No, most of us will not live to see our 100th birthday.  But like the poem, the difference we make in the life of a another human being can and will have lasting effects. For example, if I came from a family of abuse and I chose not to abuse my children, I have altered my family history for the better.  If I share the gospel with someone who receives Christ and they share the gospel with a million others, my impact mattered!

Psalm 145:13 says this about our Lord, "Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And Your dominion endures throughout all generations."
Take a look around.  What are you doing?  Who are you helping?  After all, if it doesn't matter in a hundred years, it doesn't matter.
Blessings to you~Wendy