Sisters' Getaway

The first of April, two of my sisters and I met at a bed and breakfast in Missouri.  It was a whirlwind of togetherness.  Not quite enough and certainly not too much.  You see, I'm from a family of seven.  That's right, seven!  Now mind you, all seven of us were not under the same roof with our parents at one time. I think Mom and Daddy would not have survived. It's almost like 2 or 3 different families.  You see, there are 23 years between my eldest sibling and myself.  Yep! I'm the baby.  I would say that I was NOT spoiled, but why bother. That phrase just seems to fall on deaf ears. (But I'm not!)

Anyway, back to the weekend.  There were three of us girls able to make it.  For pecking order sake, we were #1, #4 and #7.  I've already given away that I am #7. It was really great to get to know one another a little better.  We shared a room (not bed), we shopped, walked, dined out and did a few touristy things.

One of my sisters pointed out in our sharing that we were literally from different generations.  There is 8 years between #1 and #4 and 15 years between #4 and #7.  So you can see the different generations, right?  Well, as things turned out, while we were raised by the same wonderful parents, things remembered were very different.  When the oldest grew up, Mom and Daddy were young and had less "means".  When the middle child grew up, Mom and Daddy were in their most active years and had a little more.  When the last came along (SURPRISE!),  Mom and Daddy were older and on a fixed income.  Just with those variables, can you imagine some of the differences?

Even so, all 7 of us became Christians, have never been in "real" trouble and we all love one another.  Our parents, a brother and a sister have gone on to be with the Lord now, so we take our times of togetherness very serious.  We don't want to miss it!  You never know if we'll all be here next time.  Yikes, that sounds kind of morbid and I don't mean it that way.  But the point of the matter is we should not waste the time we have here. No fight, misunderstanding or outright meanness is worth missing time with the ones you love.

So, if you have siblings, don't miss a single minute of time with them.  God chose our families for us.  Make the most of it!