Goals are Set, Now What?

We have our 2016 Vision Board complete and our goals set for the year, now what do we do?  We make a plan of action. If we have definitive goals in mind, we must make a plan and work our plan.  Sounds easy, huh?  It is and it isn't.  For me, it's easy to make the plan, but often times it's hard to follow through. What I'm learning is that we have to make and work our plan in small segments.  For example, I want to declutter my entire house.  That's a pretty big project.  So I am working on 1-2 small segments of that project every week.

I have 3 closets.  Don't be jealous, they are not huge walk-in closets. I have a very small closet with a shoe rack.  A slightly larger closet for work/dress clothes and another decent size closet for casual clothes and accessories.  One evening, I tackled the shoe closet.  Another evening I cleaned the work clothes closet and I am working the last closet in sections.  As I go through each declutter project, I bag or box up the things I can donate.  Currently, I have a couple of bags in my car and a couple of boxes ready to go to the car to take to a donation drop off.

I recently read about setting a timer when trying to do some compartmentalized work like this.  When you set your timer, you do not have to watch the clock.  You just work like mad until it dings.  I am trying that on a few different things that require some concentration.  So far so good!

Good luck this week on working your plan!