Legacy...We all leave one.

Whether we believe it or not. Whether we want to or not. Whether it's good or not.  We all leave a legacy. So what is it, exactly?  Our legacy is what we leave behind.  How we are remembered.  How the world is different because we were here. My Dad used to tell me that if something didn't matter in a hundred years, then it didn't matter.  That would drive me crazy!  When I was young, I thought, "Well, nothing really matters."  But now that I'm not so young I have learned what he meant by that saying.  People matter!  Everything we do matters to someone.

There are many facets to me.  Probably more that I can ever mention on this blog.  But you will see some.  I want my legacy to be many intangible things that my family believes, has as part of them and will pass on to their children and grandchildren.  I also want my legacy to be many tangible things that my family sees and hands down.

Some intangible things I want remembered and passed down are: 1. faith in Jesus Christ, 2. love for others and 3. strength and character.

Some tangible things I want seen and handed down are: things that held a special significance to me like my wedding ring and Bible and things I've made for my family like scarves, pillows, quilts, etc.

I want to be known as a woman who loves Jesus first and foremost and who loves my family and others!

What's your legacy going to be?