Chasing Your Passion

Photo by ilya-pavlov

Photo by ilya-pavlov

What's your passion?  Do you know?

That's definitely something to think about, isn't it? Maybe it's been a while since you felt it or even thought about it. I believe God gives us all a passion.  Certainly, all believers should be passionate about their walk with Him, but how about the path we walk with Him.

In a sermon I heard recently, the preacher asked how we define ourselves.  He asked, "Are you a doctor, fireman, clerk, etc. who is a Christian OR are you a Christian who is a doctor, fireman, clerk, etc.?" If someone asked you to tell them something about yourself, what would you say?  What would you lead with?

What does passion have to do with who we are, you might ask.  It's more than a vocation; it's more of a calling or personal ministry.  I don't meant that we need to have a written plan or a mission statement.  You know those folks who it's evident that they are close to the Lord and when you are in their presence their focus and concern are on you.  They encourage you in the faith by their presence and conversation.

There is a contemporary Christian song that talks about a believer being angry that God would allow certain travesties in the world.  The believer asks why God doesn't do something about it.  In the song (as in life) God says He did, He created you. What powerful, convicting truth is in that statement. That's where, I believe, our passion comes in. That passion to do something.  Maybe it will be on the level of Billy Graham or maybe it will be a parent raising their child to love Christ.  Both of those are high callings, but we don't often view them as the same.  Priscilla Shirer stated in a video that she was admonished to be sure she is faithful in whatever the calling God placed on her whether she felt that calling was great or small.

That was great advice.  You see, God created me to do something.  He created you to do something.  I think sometimes our passion may be carried out differently based on our season in life.  What I mean is a young mother with small children may be working her passion for Christ by living as an example before her children as she holds a job, maintains a home and teaches her children about Jesus.  Then her passion for Christ may be carried out on volunteer mission trips during vacation time once her children are grown.  But whatever form your passion may take, it takes faith, courage, and action to go and DO it.  

We have many examples in our Christian faith of men and women who chased their passion:

  • The Apostle Paul
  • Martin Luther
  • Lottie Moon
  • Jim Elliott
  • Elisabeth Elliott
May he grant you your heart’s desire and fulfill all your plans!
— Psalm 20:4 ESV

    I'm sure you know people who have chased the passion that God placed in them. Perhaps you are living the very passion that God has placed in you.  I hope so!

    What spark of passion has the Lord placed in your heart and soul to do?  There's nothing too big or too little here. I would love to read your comment below about your passion!. 


    Debut Book - The Experiment - Is Out


    Well, it's out!  My first ever "book".  I responded to a challenge last November to write a book in a month.  And the book was born by the end of December.  Then months of edits, beta readers, and help!  It's finally out!  

    I've always wanted to write, but I thought I would write non-fiction.  And...I still may one day.  I would love to write Bible studies, but who am I to do that?  At any rate, I was challenged to write a novel.  It's short and sweet; what one might call a "cozy mystery".  

    My characters are all FICTION and there are absolutely NO representations of people I know except the Storm family. (They might represent my family, with some imagination.) 

    As you probably know, I started a blog a few years ago with a focus on living life on purpose.  So my goal in writing everything is to offer hope by sharing the gospel. What I feel my purpose is as a believer.  In this book, I hope you can see how God pursues us.  Something most believers can attest to.

    The cover gives me away.  There will be more to come for Harper.  Plans are now for at least three books in this series.  Who know's maybe the second one will be out close to Christmas.

    Let all that you do be done in love.
    — 1 Corinthians 16:14