Debut Book - The Experiment - Is Out


Well, it's out!  My first ever "book".  I responded to a challenge last November to write a book in a month.  And the book was born by the end of December.  Then months of edits, beta readers, and help!  It's finally out!  

I've always wanted to write, but I thought I would write non-fiction.  And...I still may one day.  I would love to write Bible studies, but who am I to do that?  At any rate, I was challenged to write a novel.  It's short and sweet; what one might call a "cozy mystery".  

My characters are all FICTION and there are absolutely NO representations of people I know except the Storm family. (They might represent my family, with some imagination.) 

As you probably know, I started a blog a few years ago with a focus on living life on purpose.  So my goal in writing everything is to offer hope by sharing the gospel. What I feel my purpose is as a believer.  In this book, I hope you can see how God pursues us.  Something most believers can attest to.

The cover gives me away.  There will be more to come for Harper.  Plans are now for at least three books in this series.  Who know's maybe the second one will be out close to Christmas.

Let all that you do be done in love.
— 1 Corinthians 16:14

Life in the Home Office

Photo by Andrew Neel

Photo by Andrew Neel

When I left my office job to work from home, my regional manager "worried" that I would not like working from home for the lack of socializing.  I know, that's funny if you know me, right!

This November will be three years of working from home. And... I love it! Not only do I work (as in a job) from home, but I've picked up sewing and writing.  You know about the writing as I blog every week and you probably know about the sewing as I have highlighted some sewing on the blog. 

Now, I'm writing books.  A year or so ago I wrote a non-fiction book so I would have a manuscript to take to a writing conference.  The conference never happened so I wound up tabling the book.  Then last year, I accepted a challenge to write a novel.  I wrote a book in two months.  It was so much fun!

So when it was time to set goals for the new year, one was to publish a couple of books.  I don't know if I'll get two books published this year or not, but one will be coming out soon this summer or early fall.

The story is about a nurse who is struggling with her idea of God.  Of course, she has a little mystery thriller in the mix, but the real matter is how our Savior pursues her.  I hope to have a couple more books in that series next year.

Let all that you do be done in love.
— 1 Corinthians 16:14 ESV

Sewing and Serving

portpillows Sew...what's your hobby? I have a lot, but one of my hobbies is sewing. And I have recently been in the mood to sew, but I don't have any particular project I'm working on.

You gotta love Pinterest and YouTube, right! While I was looking for ideas to appease my mood for sewing, I ran across port pillows.  These are small pillows that will gently cover an infusaport for patients who have those implanted in their chest.

Often times an infusaport is related to cancer treatment, but may be for other medical conditions as well.  In the basket above are 28 small heart-shaped, square or rectangular pillows that can be put on one's chest under a seat belt in the car for pain/discomfort relief.  Small pillows like this may help offset pain after mastectomies or other chest surgeries and can be used under the arm of the affected side.

I decided to make some pillows and donate them to a local cancer center to hopefully meet a need, both physical and spiritual.  The pillow will help offset physical pain or discomfort and the gospel tract will offer hope for salvation.

Who knows, maybe someone will give their life to Jesus because they were introduced to Him while in a time of need.  At the very least, a seed has been planted!

But now we have been released from the Law, having died to that by which we were bound, so that we serve in newness of the Spirit and not in oldness of the letter.   Romans 7:6
What's you hobby?  Is it something you can use to serve others?  I'll just be it is!

Working From Home


Is this your idea of working from home?  If it is, you may not make it working from home.

I started working from home last November.  I was so scared this would be me and that I would have lost the great job I had prior to the work from home one as well as the new one.  My biggest fear was that I'd sleep in and/or become distracted by all the household things that need to be done. So I thought I'd share with you what works for me.

First, let me set the stage for you. I don't have children at home.  I don't have indoor pets. My husband is an out outdoors man, so when he's not at work (every 3rd day), he is rarely in the house to distract me.

My routine - routine - routine - is as follows for the work week.

6 am - up and dressed then out the door to walk

6:45 am - settling into my comfy chair for my quiet time

7:20 am - breakfast

7:30 am - clean up and dress for work (now it's jeans!)

8 am - online at my desk upstairs in my home office

I try to accomplish 2/3 of my day's work before I stop for lunch and then the last 1/3 after lunch.  And, yes, I do take breaks during the day for a refill of Diet Dr. Pepper and  running to the bathroom.  Sometimes I throw on a load of clothes or fold a load of clothes.  I even manage to cook lunch or supper or both, too.

Can I just say, I LOVE WORKING FROM HOME!  For someone who has wanted to work from home for the past several years but was afraid to try it,  I'm so glad I did it!

Working from home is not for everyone, but if it is something you're considering, go for it!